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CHC direct vision and values

Our vision is to create a partnership with our customers in Continuing Healthcare. All of our process are person centred and our aim is to keep all involved parties informed. We work together with individuals and their families and representatives involving them as much as possible.

CHC Direct works with Customers, Clinical and Administrative Associates and Individuals in a unique way by having a business model that ensures a partnership approach with relationships based on equality and respect for all.

CHC Direct work to the standards and procedures as set out in the National Framework for Continuing Healthcare and NHS funded Nursing Care revised 2018. Read more

In addition we work with other NHS policies in relation to the information that is provided to CHC Direct; how we use it; and how we ensure your confidentiality.

To download and view the CHC Direct Fair Processing and Privacy Policy Read more

To download and view the CHC Direct Data Protection Impact Assessments Read more

To download and view the NHS England Privacy Notice Read more